Friday, April 30, 2010

Dinner and a Slug-fest

We had invited my mother-in-law to dinner today. Of course, I hadn't cleaned the house in weeks, so this morning consisted of me tearing through the house like a tornado trying to get things picked-up, scrubbed, and generally - un-mucked. I was a least on the first floor.

Then, there was the food. The food. Yes, the food!

As I posted last time, I have become enamored with the quiche. I know - why would anyone become enamored with quiche? I don't have a good answer for you. All I can say is - It is pretty easy to make, it uses eggs....and it's an easy use of eggs....

Anyway, I decided on 2 quiches this time. The first was a more traditional quiche. It was ham and spinach with a trio of mushrooms (shitake, cremini, and oyster). The second was more a niche quiche (yes, I just wrote that!). It was smoked whitefish and asparagus with the same trio of mushrooms. Both quiches used a yellow onion and fresh parsley.

The main ingredients for the ham and spinach quiche

The main ingredients for the smoked white fish and asparagus quiche

I do have to say, it is SO nice to be able to go out to our garden cut the asparagus right before using it. It doesn't get any fresher or tastier!

Both quiches used eggs, half and half, and Gruyere cheese. Here are the quiches before they went into the oven.

In addition, I made some No Knead Bread. It is interesting to see the difference in this bread when made during warmer, more humid months compared to cooler, drier months. Today's bread had much more rise in it and was much lighter and fluffier in texture than ones I made during the winter.

I also sauteed some more fresh asparagus and some of our spring onions with olive oil and then dressed them up with some local apple vinegar. It is SO good - sweet with some nice char and then the acidity of the vinegar. My mother-in-law had only had asparagus from the can and hated the stuff (not that I blame her). She was completely turned around with our fresh asparagus. There is absolutely no comparison.

I made another batch of vanilla custard (sorry - no picture). For dessert we took some shortcakes I made (a few days ago) and covered them with some orange-infused rhubarb compote (I made this a few days ago as well). This was topped off with generous dollops of the vanilla custard. This is a winner, folks. Make this for someone and they will be eternally grateful.

Here are some more gratuitous food photos.

Yes, I know this photo is dark - I am not a photographer.

See the above comment.

How did we end this glorious feast? We went out to the orchard and the garden. First, we hunted down the evil tent caterpillars that are invading our beautiful fruit trees. We sprayed a bacteria on them that is dangerous only to them. Then, in the garden, my mother-in-law pulled dandelions while Hubby and I scrounged for the evil slug. We captured some (but surely not nearly enough) of the little devils and fed them to the chickens.

Well, I am ready to have a nice glass of beer and maybe work on the pile of dishes in the kitchen. Or maybe, just the nice glass of beer.


  1. I had the best time! I really appreciate having such a wonderful meal with loving family!
    Thank you

  2. Glad to have you out mom. It was fun. And to my love it was delicious!

  3. You have one lucky mom-in-law. What a feast!