Saturday, March 19, 2011

Yeah, yeah, it's been 4 months...

I know, I am the world's worst blogger. I never post.

So, at least this is a post - though very short.

Hubby cleaned out the chicken coop today to ready it for our new batch of chickens. We are getting Indian Game and Wyandottes and Ameraucunas. We also are getting Ruan ducks.

Also, the polytunnel experiment over the winter is a success. We are in MN but we have microgreens and spinach. It was a very small tunnel - only about 4 feet tall - and a small area. But, based on this, a large polytunnel or two is in the future. Hubby reported the ground under the tunnel is warm and workable, the greens are ready to eat (which we did!), and the air underneath about 75 degrees. Nice!

Also doing rabbits this year - just need to find a place to order some meat rabbits. Anyone know where we can get some?