Monday, April 26, 2010

Smoked Pheasant Quiche

Yesterday I made a Smoked Pheasant Quiche for dinner. I took a basic quiche recipe that I found online and changed things up a bit.

We had a smoked pheasant from a pheasant hunt Hubby went on last year. I stripped the meat off the bones and did my very best to remove any shot (of course, there are always a few that you miss). Then, I roughly chopped the pieces.

I made the crust for the quiche based on a recipe I found online. Geez - I've got a thing for finding these things online. Seriously - I'll do my best to find my next recipe from a recipe book - I promise!

Anyway, crusts and I DO NOT MIX. No matter how hard I try, they always end to up dry and fall apart when I attempt to roll them out. At least this time around I did succeed in lining the pie pan with crust.

Next I sauteed 2 chopped onions in some olive oil. Once they were nice and soft, I added the sliced crimini mushrooms until they were nicely brown and tender. Next, I added the chopped smoked pheasant and heated everything through and seasoned with salt and pepper. I added a handful of chopped parsley from the garden.

I beat several eggs together with some half and half, and grated just a smidge of nutmeg into the mixture. I added a lot of shredded Gruyer to the egg mixture along with some wilted spinach. I then added the meat mixture.

I poured the whole thing into the crust-lined pie pan and baked it for 20 minutes in a 375 degree oven.

It was very tasty. I would definitely lower the spinach and onion levels and up the egg and Gruyer levels next time (it was a bit more chunky and less "Quiche"-y then I would have liked. But the smoked pheasant really infused the dish nicely and the crust actually kept its crispness well. Once this is tuned up, I'll post the recipe.

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