Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...And A Cherry On Top

We have heard rumors of massive storms tonight. We'd put off harvesting our sour cherries for days, but the rumors decided it for us. Harvest time!

This is the first year we had a good harvest of cherries. FINALLY!They look great!

The Cherries

Of course, we need to actually do something with these cherries. The obvious answer is of course - Cherry Pie!

First though, the cherries needed to pitted. We had bought a cherry pitter sometime years ago. Good for us! It did make the job easier and quicker, though still pretty messy.

In Process

I looked on the interwebs. I found one recipe for a Sour Cherry Pie that called for lemon and cornstarch. Ok....then I found another from the New York Times that called for cinnamon and brandy. BINGO! The only problem was it called for tapioca as the thickener. So I used the cornstarch instead. Also, the New York Times recipe called for baking the pie crust before pouring in the filling. Too much work for me! So I didn't.

For once, the pie crust was not too bad. If you have ready previous posts, you know that pie crusts are not my forte. However, it is really hot and humid today. We don't have air condition. Thus, the dough turned out a bit more moist than I usually get it. It gummed up a bit on rolling, and still split and didn't stay nice and round. But it was a lot easier to work with and fixing it was a lot easier. Note to self - more moist crust is good.

The pie turned out great! I literally took a spoon to the cookie sheet I had underneath it and started spooning up the sweet and sour cherry-flavored goop. Ooooooooooo! Nice!

The pie

The pie is still cooling as I type. But, I know it will be good. Hubby and I will enjoy it with some Cedar Summit vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm.....


  1. A quick note to all that the drippings from the pie sheet were awesome! The cinnamon and brandy added a nice touch. I can't wait to taste the whole pie!

  2. Jess, you could try using a glass rolling pin and a stone board (perhaps a baking stone) and rolling sheet like the silicone liner I gave you for Christmas a while back. Stick the baking stone in the freezer and chill the rolling pin in the fridge. Once you've chilled the dough, pull the stone out of the freezer, throw down the liner, flour, flour your pin and roll. That should help keep your dough chilled during the rolling.

  3. I'm with you, pie crusts can be a total pain...but absolutely worth it for the end result. And your cherries look gorgeous!